Useful Links for Pregnancy


  • Briony Howland Birth in Balance – Briony Howland is a fully accredited and experienced nutritionist, massage therapist, doula and infant massage instructor located in the Sutherland Shire, south of Sydney. Briony specialises in fertility, pregnancy, post natal and children’s health and wellbeing.
  • Natural Way Massage Health Centre – Massage is an essential part of the strategies women use to ensure a more comfortable and relaxed pregnancy. Located in Kirrawee.
  • Positioning baby during pregnancy – Spinning Babies is about empowering mothers-to-be with the knowledge of self-help measures to successfully turn breech babies and posterior babies towards an optimal position for an easier birth.
  • Natural Beginnings – Doula, Virginia Maddock, offers natural therapies for pregnancy and children.
  • women face unique and extremely urgent challenges regarding mental health, addiction and recovery.In situations where a woman who is addicted to drugs or alcohol becomes pregnant, they most often know that they must immediately become abstinent and have a strong desire to achieve this. While some resources are available to help these women, no web resources are comprehensive and wholly tailored to the needs of addicted, pregnant women. After research across the resources available on the web, the Desert Hope clinical team noticed the absence of a centralized resource designed to help understand the basics of addiction, promote the best outside resources and to offer guidance to help women safely and immediately stop drug and alcohol use. With the health of countless newborn children in mind, they decided to fill this crucial knowledge gapThis page summarizes available governmental, organizational and other resources and makes them easily accessible to those searching for assistance. It include dozens of citations of the latest research studies and external resources for pregnant women seeking mental health and addiction help. We believe that this type of resource offers a strong step toward to a healthy child and mother.

VBAC – Vaginal Birth After Caesarean

  • Birth Rites – Birth Rites is a site aimed at informing and encouraging women who have previously had a birth by caesarean to have a natural birth.

Natural Birth

  • Epi-No Childbirth Trainer and Pelvic Floor Toner Exerciser – Epi-No Childbirth Trainer and Pelvic Floor Toner Exerciser The Epi-No is an excellent product for those pregnant women who would like to reduce the risk of requiring stitches after giving birth. It is also used extensively for strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles with clinical trials showing it to be most effective. The epi-no reduces the length of time for second stage as well as reducing the risk of stitches.
  • Birthwork – Book and The Big Stretch DVD – The Big Stretch is a DVD produced by Alieta Belle and Jenny Blyth that presents a fresh insight into the amazing journey each woman takes in becoming a mother. Topics explored: breath awareness, pain and the intensity of birth, vaginal and body awareness, women’s challenges, asking for help, relationship and personal transformation. Included is a DVD extra on baby massage.

Baby Care

  • Australia’s Breastfeeding Association – This is the site for Australia’s Breastfeeding Association which contains lots oif good articles available for print. Visitors to the wesite can also sign up for membership and subscription to “Essence” magazine a wonderful mothering magazine full of informative and interesting articles.
  • Pinky McKay’s Website – From unborn child to teen child, Pinky McKay author of Parenting by Heart and 100 Ways to Calm the crying offers a gentle approach to parenting, nurturing links forum and email newsletter.
  • Circumcision Information – Regarding information written by paediatricians outlining issues to consider when making this decision on behalf of a son.
  • Circumcision Australia – To provide up to date and accurate information about the medical, legal, ethical, cultural and historical aspects of male and female circumcision.
  • Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond – Our website is an up to date and extensive source of information and support for pregnancy, birth and parenting. Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond supports independent midwifery services and quality childbirth education. Through this website you will be able to find lots of information on midwifery care, pre-conception care, pregnancy, birth, waterbirth, homebirth, vaginal birth after caesarean, postnatal care and breastfeeding.


  • Attachment Parenting – Attachment Parenting International (API) promotes parenting practices that create strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents. These practices nurture and fulfill a child’s need for trust, empathy, and affection, providing a lifelong foundation for healthy, enduring relationships.
  • Positive Parenting – Positive Parenting is dedicated to providing resources and information to help make parenting more rewarding, effective and fun!

Baby Care Products

  • Bumpy Buns – Bumpy Buns – A Greener Way to Service Your Nappy Needs – Compare a variety of Australian modern cloth nappy systems. Also available are eco disposable nappies, cloth nappy covers, cloth training pants and bedwetting pants.
  •  Caring for your baby naturally    We all want the best for our baby and it is our instinct to want to protect and keep them safe from all things harmful in this world. This also influences the choices we make when considering which products to buy for our newborn baby. There are so many cheap and nasty products out there that can cause irritations and discomfort to baby’s sensitive skin.  Thankfully, there are also lots of great organic stores out there with chemical-free products. But with a newborn baby, we don’t always get the luxury of being able to go out shopping and this is when shopping online is hugely convenient.  At My Natural Baby, they have a gorgeous selection of organic and natural products from organic cotton clothing, organic skin care for mum and bubs, cleaning products, slings, BPA free feeding supplies, organic cotton cot sheets, towels, soft bamboo toys, teething toys and teething necklaces. They also support Australian made wherever possible.  Check out the website:
  • Pipsqueak Nappy Bags – A perfect nappy bag for mums and dads and an ideal baby shower gift idea.

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