Anxiety in Pregnancy – 21 suggestions to Help You 

Pregnancy is such an amazing turning point in a woman’s life, an incredible time of self-discovery and self-growth. There is often a major transition from old lifestyle habits to new healthier coping techniques. For some pregnant women and partners, adapting to changes during early pregnancy can be difficult and stressful.
For others, they are ready to outgrow the past and embrace the new mature and responsible sense of self, as they experience their Transition into Parenthood.
Everyone experiences this in their own way, and among many of the “gifts” parenting can bring to couples, is to expand ourselves to be more flexible and adaptable.
Embrace this time of rapid change in a positive sense, recognising the maturing aspects it brings, as moving forward in life to a more meaningful phase, full of direction and purpose, can be wonderfully worthwhile.

21 suggestions to use during pregnancy for positive uplifting ideas to minimise stress & mild anxiety.

  1. Talk about your anxiety, concerns and worries with someone who cares and understands… especially another woman who has already had some experience of motherhood and is able to share her insights about growth and change.
  2. Ask your partner to tell you about their hopes and dreams for your life together as a family… what is he looking forward to?
  3. Read good books for wise information and guidance
  4. Use water to help yourself feel good. Shower, relax in the bath, swim, go fishing, water the garden, soak feet
  5. Consult with a naturopath. Naturopathy focuses on restoring and promoting your body’s own self healing processes. A naturopath will first give you a thorough examination and ask detailed questions about your health, diet, lifestyle, likes and dislikes. Naturopathy is as much about improving your overall level of vitality and health as it is about treating any particular disease. To locate an accredited naturopath near you contact the Australian Traditional Medicine Society on (02) 9809 6800 or the Australian Natural Therapists association on 1800 817 577.
  6. Have a pregnancy massage / reflexology.
  7. Go for a walk, fresh air, sunshine, outdoors, can help with perspective on the problem, it may not seem so BIG when we are out and about, maybe somewhere near the ocean and sit and watch the waves, or a beautiful garden.
  8. Breathe, long slow deep calming breaths … close your eyes and relax a while… take a 5 minute break.
  9. Meditate, using a big soft cushion for comfort, have peace and quiet … taking time to reflect on the power and beauty of nature, attend the Calmbirth course to reduce anxiety
  10. Ring Quitline for help with quitting smoking 131 848.
  11. Are the physical changes of pregnancy bothering you?  A midwife or qualified childbirth educator can be a wonderful resource person for help and guidance, just ask!
  12. Read Desiderata, a spiritually nourishing passage, or read “25 Ways to Awaken Your Birth Power”.
  13. Curl up and enjoy a “nanna nap” snooze …issues often seem worse when tiredness takes over …this is actually quite normal for pregnant women to have difficulty coping or to suffer with anxiety or irritability when tired… nothing unusual about that!   In fact, it happens to everyone really doesn’t it? Just more so when we are pregnant 🙂
  14. Have a delicious nutritious protein snack, it will boost your energy and spirits! Try a vegetable juice, or maybe chicken and vegetable soup, slice up some apple and cheese and enjoy with water crackers, or try fresh fruit with a spoonful of natural or honey yoghurt on top. If you are feeling anxious perhaps your blood sugar levels are low, pregnant women often feel cranky, worried, anxious or stressed when hungry.
  15. Enjoy relaxation music … play it while you have a rest on the lounge, or while you are in the bath. Have you ever played relaxation / meditation music while sitting in the garden? It’s pure bliss, try burning some incense too. Relaxation CDs are also available from Julie. Use beautiful music to settle yourself off to sleep at night, it will soothe your feelings.
  16. Buy a lovely bunch of colourful gorgeous flowers… enjoy… take the time to smell them… enjoy the pure beauty of nature.
  17. Worried about labour and birth? Avoid feeling helpless by designing your own birth plan and then communicate it to your partner and support person. Focus on what IS within your power rather than what isn’t, letting others know what you do want and need from them will help empower them to help and support you when you need it most.
  18. Read great inspiring stories written recently by women who have attended Julie’s courses?
  19. Join a pre-natal course and mix with others in the same “life moment” as you are experiencing, so often this is fun and reassuring. Lots of great friendships start at pre-natal courses.
  20. Visit a homoeopath… homoeopathic remedies are ideal for emotional support.
  21. Chiropractic adjustment to relieve aches and pains which can affect our emotions creating stress.

Recognise anxiety … in a positive way … it motivates us… it creates a shift in our actions and thinking that otherwise might not have occurred …anxiety can be healthy when faced and dealt with … don’t criticise yourself for feeling anxious… but take the opportunity to care and nurture yourself a little more … be your own best friend and guide yourself gently.