Resources for Pregnant Couples…

Pregnancy is the bridge between conception and birth, an extraordinary time in the life of a woman, during which many physical and emotional changes occur.

The physical changes will probably pose a series of small challenges for most women and this in turn will automatically trigger a number of emotional responses.

I am sure mother nature does this on purpose… when a woman is sensitive, and in a heightened state of responsive reaction emotionally, it will set of an interesting chain reaction or domino effect.

Firstly, it may instigate new opportunities for her to become more self-aware of health, leading on to her nurturing herself more, increasing her personal development, maturity, learning and discovering of many levels for her own personal benefit.  And baby’s benefit too… if the pregnant mum-to-be takes good care of herself this has got to be a good thing for the baby, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Secondly, consider this for a moment… the pregnant woman is emotionally sensitive and over a period of, let’s say, a few weeks or months,  there will probably be moments in her most important relationships, with partner, family, friends and work colleagues, where she will react more sensitively than usual.

This in turn, (read hopefully here)…  will cause others to treat her more gently, with more regard and respect… those around her will find the relationship “tested” which provides an opportunity for more sorting out/communication which may possibly lead on to a strengthening/enriching of that relationship, especially if it’s an important or significant relationship.

Why does nature set it up this way you might ask?

Well it seems to me that we actually need to take a look at this family structure from a baby’s point of view.When the mother-to-be is feeling more sensitive and perhaps a bit more reactive this is the ideal for the baby, because when the baby is born and as normally happens during the first hours, days, weeks of life they cry to have their needs met, the new mother will be automatically wired to respond quickly and in a hyper-sensitive/hyper-caring way…perfect for the survival of the species.Now of course the new mother does not have it all on her own, does she? Again, looking at this from the baby’s point of view, what a baby needs from it’s Dad, is for Dad to be backing up Mum in her role, helping her and supporting her.Hmmm… and this Transition into Parenthood, all starts with pregnancy.

Julie has many facets to her explanations in classes that help make sense, in an easy comfortable way of the things that change during pregnancy and beyond, and for very good reasons why we don’t need to worry about it, or be scared, nervous or anxious about these changes, she reassures in a clear, gentle, positive, way that makes it a pleasure for the listener.

Many couples are so surprised and delighted by the many concepts Julie explains, the way she explains it and makes it just so easy for the course participants to gain such a lot to be able to strengthen and nurture their relationship and their family as it grows.

Underpinning all of Julie’s work in the Transition Into Parenthood classes is the philosophy with calmbirth® training and that is encouraging, supporting and guiding family bonding between a couple as they prepare for the birth of their baby.

Focusing on the role of the value of each parent, the importance of mothers and equally the importance of fathers in the life of their unborn and newborn baby – with this in mind by encouraging enjoyment rather than stress and fear during the period of the pregnancy and birth it creates the space for a more conducive atmosphere for good solid family bonding.

Relaxation, joy, hope, courage, determination, togetherness creates good strong loving relationships. In a nutshell that’s what it is all about.

Julie conducts two types of courses:

  • calmbirth course – focused on breathing, relaxation and visualisation for labour only $350 per couple
  • Transition Into Parenthood the active birth and baby care preparation course only $350 per couple
  • Both courses are popular and when booked cost only $600 instead of $700. Brilliantly good value!
  • Most couples choose to do both courses, and receive a good generous $100 dscount.

Preparation is the key isn’t it?

Best to commence the courses from 25 weeks of pregnancy….To Book in fill in the booking form here or telephone Julie on (02) 9544 6441 (or) 0401265530