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Current Dates for Birth Doula Training are as follows:

10 x Tuesdays 10am 27th Feb 2018 to 8th May 2018


10 x Tuesdays 4.30pm  20th Feb to 22nd July, 2018

no exams – no stress

Call Julie to chat about the best option to suit you 0401 265 530




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Interested in becoming transformed into a wonderful Doula trained and certified in Sydney by Julie Clarke?


Come and join other kind caring women just like you – find your tribe here –
join the next Doula training course – gain your certification easily –
no exams or stress



Review by Mariana Avalone (Doula and mum of 1) Ramsgate:

I feel quite special being on a DOULA journey with Julie. Her love, compassion, knowledge and experience goes beyond pregnancy and birth, she really understands and knows how to inspire us to be the best support person for a woman and family during this incredible time of their lives. Julie has built a community and I hope to be part of it, always. Gratitude and success to you dear!



Doulas:   (also called Childbirth Assistants, Labour Support Professionals, Birth Assistants, or Birth Companions)  they do provide emotional, physical and informational support during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond

The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves” and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period. Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.

A BIRTH DOULA…. Recognizes birth as a key experience the mother will remember all her life, understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor, assists the woman in preparing for and carrying out her plans for birth, stays with the woman throughout the labor, provides emotional support, physical comfort measures and an objective viewpoint, as well as helping the woman get the information she needs to make informed decision, facilitates communication between the laboring woman, her partner and her clinical care providers, perceives her role as nurturing and protecting the woman’s memory of the birth experience, allows the woman’s partner to participate at his/her comfort level.

Julie Clarke’s unique specialised training for Doulas has produced Doulas who have been harmoniously welcomed by staff without any issues.

This is because Julie has a reputation of advocacy for clients but not obstructive towards medical professional decision making; all of Julie’s Doulas understand and agree so there has never been an issue of acceptance in the hospital system.

Woman centered care requires politics to be put to one side and left outside the birth room so as not to disturb the atmosphere.

Julie has created the right training filled with wisdom from experience to by-pass any possible challenges found elsewhere.

On the final day of your training you will have your certificate in your hands, ready to be photographed with a huge smile of happiness as you are congratulated on your wonderful new achievement.
Julie will continue to assist you with mentoring for 24 months.




Meet Julie as she talks about “How to Train as a Doula”


Important:  Prerequisites are to be an empathetic, kind, caring compassionate person who simply wants to help other women in their journey to motherhood,  it is not necessary to be a nurse or a midwife or any other qualification to train as a doula





Karina Blake’s Review of the Doula Training Course:

Julie’s Doula School was such a fun and worthwhile 10 weeks. I looked forward to each Wednesday and learnt so much each week. Birth is such a politicised topic in Australia and women are often bullied or pressured into making choices that their health care provider wants for them. Training with Julie, we were encouraged to approach supporting women and their partners from a feminist perspective. Meaning that we were encouraged and shown how to have nonjudgmental conversations with women that empower them to make informed decisions about their rights and options. As well as this we learnt how to effectively encouraged the male birth partner in the pregnancy and birth journey and to respect what father’s can offer in this process. Julie has a gentle and respectful approach to her teaching. She has a balance with the medical and non-medical methods of managing health as well extensive experience working with birthing women in and out of hospitals. I loved learning with Julie and I’m very grateful to have her as my mentor. I’m also so grateful for the friendships that I formed in the group. The woman I trained with were each beautiful and brought with them their own knowledge and experience. Now that I’ve finished Julie’s course I don’t plan to start my own business just yet. But until I’m ready to do that I’ll use what I’ve learnt so far to support my friends and family and keep learning more!



Doula training course is open to all and you will be warmly welcomed by Julie Clarke 0401 265 530



Important note:   24 months of free mentoring with extensive guidance, help and support for every Doula course attendee will be provided via email, phone, text continuously by Julie


Review by:  Anjo Pol   (mother of 10) Gosford

I have thoroughly enjoyed Julie’s DOULA course. Julie has an incredible amount of experience and such a wealth of wisdom in how to be a compassionate support person during the labour and and birth process for mothers. I love her passion and desire to continue to learn all she can to stay at the cutting edge in order to provide excellent professional support and teaching. I encourage anyone who is thinking of becoming a doula to enroll with Julie’s course as she is definitely one of the best, if not THE best in this particular field. I felt incredibly privileged to have her impart her wisdom to me in her joyous and gentle way. I will definitely be staying in contact with Julie as I step out in a new and exciting area. Thank you Julie! God bless, Anjo.



Julie’s new Doula Workbook will be an awesome guidebook filled with wisdom, solutions, answers, practicalities and ideas to
help you in your exciting journey as a birth Doula.

Bookings are being taken now, places are limited, once each course is full it  will be closed to further bookings, applications for the waiting list will be available.


For all the women and mothers enthusiastic about Pregnancy, Labour, Birth, Breastfeeding and Newborns!






Here is your amazing opportunity to attend Doula training school in Sydney  With Julie Clarke


Need another time slot?

Talk to Julie as she’s flexible to other days times 0401265530



The Doula course has a new condensed course format, suitable for everyone: interstate, international and all local Doula’s with broader options:

Plan 1:    3 days The Express Doula course on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only $2,000

Plan 2:     4 days The Gold Doula course on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. only $2,250

Plan 1:     3 days The Express Doula course

3 days The Express Doula course on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday $2,000 includes: 3 days 10am start to 6pm relaxed with plenty of breaks of face to face learning and interaction within a small intimate group.
The 3 days will be fun, highly educational, stimulating, uplifting, inspiring, interesting, enlightening and fascinating.
The opportunity to make wonderful new friendships and develop your most amazing and empowering career.
24 months of free Doula mentoring provided by Julie for each attendee in Julie’s Doula training courses.
The 3 day Express course generous inclusions are: The Doula workbook 125 pages created by Julie Clarke, Preparing for Birth Mother and Preparing for Birth Father antenatal course textbooks and all teaching aid handouts, a set of 3 pregnancy and birth relaxation CD’s with Julie’s calming voice, a specially developed Doula kit of aromatherapy oils, massage oil and spritzer and 4 x waterproof hot packs to commence your own special Doula tool-kit, no extra charge for sleepover style arrangements staying in the lounge room / course room – carpet, cushions, air-conditioned.

Or if preferred your own charge arranged Airbnb or motel accommodation nearby.

Each day: healthy breakfasts, lunches, plentiful yummy snacks, unlimited tea, coffee, hot chocolate, herbals, fresh organic juices, bottled water x 2 each day.
Optional free inclusions are 7am Yoga and beach walk each morning. Pay for your own dinner each evening at a reasonably priced nearby venue.
Breastfed babies non mobile are welcome and Julie can supply everything for the baby free of charge: fresh clean portacot, baby carrier slings, car seat and pram

Plan 2:    4 days The Gold Doula course

4 days The Gold Doula course on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday $2,250 everything in the 3 day course plus an extra evening and day with Julie to include a day of Transition into Parenthood course, as an observer to watch her facilitate the session for the whole day, and learn from listening to her describing labour and birth, the power of the mind and body working together, practical comfort measures for labour and her answers to the group’s interesting questions.
Watch, listen and learn how to interact pregnant couples to inspire them to aim towards birthing normally and working as an awesome effective team with their Doula.
Also 24 months of free Doula mentoring provided by Julie for each attendee in Julie’s Doula training courses.

Proposed dates are as follows:

Choose from these dates:


  • Wed 1 November 2017, Thurs 2 November, Fri 3 November, (Sat 4 November for TiP day 1 on pregnancy, labour and extensive coverage on active birth skills)
 Wed 29 November 2017, Thurs 30 November, Fri 1 December, (Sat 2 December for TiP day 1 on pregnancy, labour and extensive coverage on active birth skills)

for students and teachers during the xmas new year break consider these following options:

Birth Doula Training daytime courses:

10 x Tuesday 10am to 3pm daytime course dates for 2018:
10 x Tuesday:  20/2/2018 to 1/5/2018
10 x Tuesday: 22/5/2018 to 24/7/2018
10 x Tuesday:  7/8/2018 to 9/10/2018
10 x Tuesday:  16/10/2018 to 18/12/2018

Birth Doula Training 6pm Evening Course Dates for 2018
10 x Sunday evenings: 18/2/2018 to 29/4/2018 (not 1/4/2018 Easter)
10 x Sunday evenings: 20/5/2018 to 22/7/2018
10 x Sunday evenings: 5/8/2018 to 7/10/2018
10 x Sunday evenings:  14/10/2018 to 16/12/2018

10 x Tuesday evenings:  20/2/2018 to 1/5/2018
10 x Tuesday evenings: 22/5/2018 to 24/7/2018
10 x Tuesday evenings:  7/8/2018 to 9/10/2018
10 x Tuesday evenings:  16/10/2018 to 18/12/2018

Birth Doula Training daytime Condensed courses:
7/2/2018 to 15/2/2018    (choice of all 3 – 9 days course)
21/2/2018 to 29/2/2018    (choice of all 3 – 9 days course)
7/3/2018 to 15/3/2018     (choice of all 3 – 9 days course)
21/3/2018 to 29/3/2018     (choice of all 3 – 9 days course)
4/4/2018 to 12/4/2018     (choice of all 3 – 9 days course)
18/4/2018 to 22/4/2018   (choice of all 3, 4, 5 days only course)
25/4/2018 to 29/4/2018     (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
2/5/2018  to  5/4/2018      (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
16/5/2018  to 19/5/2018    (choice of 3, 4,  5 days only course)
23/5/2018 to 26/5/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
30/5/2018 to 7/6/2018    (choice of all 3 – 9 days course)
13/6/2018 to 16/6/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
20/6/2018 to 28/6/2018    (choice of all 3 – 9 days course)
4/7/2018 to 9/7/2018    (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
18/7/2018 to 22/7/2018    (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
11/7/2018 to 15/7/2018    (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
25/7/2018 to 29/7/2018    (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
1/8/2018 to 4/8/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
8/8/2018 to 12/8/2018    (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
15/8/2018 to 18/8/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
22/8/2018 to 25/8/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
5/9/2018 to 8/9/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
12/9/2018 to 16/9/2018    (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
19/9/2018 to 22/9/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
26/9/2018 to 29/9/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
10/10/2018 to 13/10/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
17/10/2018 to 21/10/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
24/10/2018 to 27/10/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days  only course)
31/10/2018 to 3/11/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
7/11/2018 to 10/11/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
14/11/2018 to 18/11/2018    (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
21/11/2018 to 24/11/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)
28/11/2018 to 2/12/2018    (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
5/12/2018 to 9/12/2018    (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
12/12/2018 to 16/12/2018    (choice of 3, 4, 5 days only course)
19/12/2018 to 22/12/2018    (choice of 3 – 4 days only course)





Prepayment is required for the course and you can design your own payment plan ie. 4 x $500  or phone Julie to book in over the phone quickly and easily using Visa, Mastercard.


To Book in for the Doula Course simply make payment following these instructions and email Julie Clarke with your details:  [email protected]

Cost: $2,000 to $2,250 depending on your chosen plan

payable via direct deposit to
St George Bank Sylvania Southgate
Account: Julie Clarke
Account number: 028 538 865
BSB: 112 879

quote reference: Doula training and your name

copy and paste receipt to me or the other option is to call Julie for a chat and to secure your spot over the phone with credit card


I’ll then email you the fun insightful enrollment form

You can select any of these dates or other combination, for any of the options it’s all totally flexible.

Questions?   Curious for more?      call  Julie  0401 265 530


Want to be able to say I’m a Doula?

Want to change your life for the better?   Lead a more purposeful, passionate, meaningful life in the direction of your dreams to help others and make a positive difference to their lives?

Would you love to attend lots of awesome births and be a support to women and help their partners through a positive empowering birth experience?


Are you perhaps considering a future career in midwifery but want to know  a lot more about the wonderful world of birthing through the experience as a doula first?

A review of the Doula training course by Lauren, Newly Qualified Doula

This course is amazing!!!
I completed my Doula training with Julie in November 2016 and loved every minute.

Unlike other courses I attempted to complete, this was the first one

that I looked forward to every week and actually completed!!

My ultimate goal is one day pursue a midwife career but with my

education background, it just wasn’t in the foreseeable future right now.

But I was keen to find something along these lines to gain experience and this course is perfect!

A friend of mine tagged me in Julie’s first Doula training add and

I jumped straight in and was immediately dazzled by Julie’s explanation of what her curriculum entailed.
I booked in and attended the first session and didn’t want to go home.

Julie is such a calm spirit who draws you in with

her 30 years of Doula wisdom. She has a way of

explaining every detail to which there is no confusion.

Our workbook that Julie put together herself is

jam packed full of useful information, tips and trade tricks that

helped me immensely during my first birth in February.

My first birth was indescribable. I applied everything

that I was taught by Julie while with the labouring mother.

I learnt things in my very first birth that I never knew.
I cannot wait for my next birth!

You can’t go wrong with this Doula Training !


Lauren Sefo

Newly Qualified Doula


 You are ready to embark on one of the most amazing adventures there is in life!

Following your true passion to be a Doula?

Being empowered and informed to be able to make a real difference to other women’s

experience of birth as they transform from womanhood to motherhood?

Want to be a significant part of this incredibly exciting journey through women’s wisdom?

Come and join other wonderful women just like you – find your tribe here – join the next Doula training course


Then now is the right time to quickly grab a hold of this opportunity to attend Doula Training School with Julie Clarke.

Doula training will provide you with all the birth support skills to help your family, friends and clients to have an awesome birth experience.

Trainee Doula’s will be able to instill confidence and empower women to birth in the way they dream of naturally by providing comfort measures, reassurance, encouragement and practical support during the process to enable a very positive experience.

Unlike other Doula training schools Julie’s trainee Doula’s are pre-paid for the births they attend.

Trainee’s are able to commence earning as soon as they commence the course week one!

The course will pay for itself in a very short time for each trainee Doula.


The new mother will be grateful and delighted to have had a Doula help her.


FAQ’S About the unique Doula Training:

Where: The tranquil venue at Julie’s lovely home at Sylvania, near Cronulla, Sydney 20 mins south of the airport

How: comfortable group learning, fascinating discussions, intuitive self-reflection, simple take home activities, easy self-study, interesting reading, efficient assessments, gently guided by supervisor in attending awesome births.

Why: because Australian women really do need a lot more Doula’s available

Who: all women of any age over 18, whether they are a mother or not, who are naturally very compassionate, and who truly want to make

a very positive difference to women’s experiences throughout their Transition into Parenthood.

There are no previous academic achievements required.

What: a thorough grounding in all pregnancy, labour, birth, newborns and breastfeeding support measures both physically and emotionally.




Julie has written the most amazing comprehensive, yet simple and easy to follow, Doula Course Workbook
which will provide a structure for your learning at your own pace week by week.

The amazing workbook is filled with all the best ideas to get you started on this fantastic journey, beautiful pics which will convey some of the incredible concepts that words can’t convey, all the “how to’s” on attracting and meeting clients, how to conduct the first coffee chat interview, basic counselling techniques, communicating effectively with clients, meeting the woman’s needs physically and emotionally. Hypothetical exercises are a fun way of exploring lots of “What If” situations and Julie has added these all to the workbook to enable plenty of exploration for preparing Doulas for a variety of smart solutions.    There is a complete overview of Pregnancy, labour, birth and early Bonding to assist Doulas gain thorough knowledge of every step along the way.    Quick ready reference tables to signpost all the steps through all the labour phases empower Doulas to be very knowledgeable and confident.     Guidelines on being a respected, balanced, professional and successful happy Doula are provided.     Notes pages help Doulas keep all their jottings, extra thoughts and ideas all in organised locations in the workbook.   Presented in a clear, concise, simple, straightforward way the workbook is a brilliant inspirational valuable asset for the Doulas to keep referring to for years to come.

Course curriculum includes but is not limited to these topics. This list just gives you a rough idea of the extensive richness of the course inclusions:

The finer art of all the important comfort measures for labour, the active birth positioning and details for effective pushing positions, maintaining an intact perineum, magnificent massage techniques that make women release and relax, the details of breath work, conserving the laburing woman’s energy so she’s not exhausted, how to deal with breech positions, acupuncture acupressure points for overdue and during labour,  suggestions for challenging situations, tips on how to observe and listen carefully to a labouring woman to be able to match up your skills with what she needs at the right moment. How to help women use their own facilities at home during pre-labour and early labour prior to coming into the hospital, the use of hospital facilities and being aware of how hospitals vary in what they offer. Waterbirth, benefits, setting up, what to expect. Stages of labour. Enhancing partner’s role. Being part of the team if other friends and family are present. Maintaining harmony and calmness during challenges. Physiology, anatomy, hormones. Enhancing partner’s role, boosting his/her confidence, ensuring he/she is taking care of themselves with sufficient food, breaks if required. Bonding and the first breastfeed. Follow up appointments debriefing the birth experience afterwards. Video footage of births. Photographs. Powerpoint. Small group discussions. Delicious lunches. Laughs. Fun.

Sessions focused joyously on the miracle of birth.
Doesn’t get any better than that does it?

Julie makes it all very easy pleasurable learning. Blissful, easy, inspiring and fun.

You will be astounded by how much you gain personally from attending this course with Julie.


Find  Julie  on  You  tube:


Special NOTE:

Yes you can even bring your own breastfed babe in arms to the training if desired.

Older big kids can’t be catered for unless you

have your own Nanny or babysitter but non mobile little breastfed babes are fine.

If grandparents are unable to care for your young ones then there is plenty of Family Day Care

and Childcare spaces locally to Julie’s home venue – just Google Family Day Care Sylvania

Approaches for Ob-gyns and Maternity Care Providers to Limit

Intervention During Labor and Birth in Low-Risk Pregnancies

January 25, 2017

Washington, DC –For low-risk pregnancies, obstetrician-gynecologists and other maternity care providers should consider labor and delivery approaches that facilitate limited medical intervention, according to new guidance released today by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

The Committee Opinion, endorsed by both the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) and the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, includes several recommendations to help ob-gyns, midwives, nurses, and patients work together to meet each woman’s goals for labor and birth.

“Practitioners always put the best interests of moms and babies at the forefront of all their medical decision-making, but in many cases those interests will be served with only limited intervention or use of technology,” said Committee Opinion author, Jeffrey L. Ecker, M.D., chief of the Obstetrics & Gynecology department at Massachusetts General Hospital. “These new recommendations offer providers an opportunity to reexamine the necessity of obstetric practices that may have uncertain benefit among low-risk women. When appropriate, providers are encouraged to consider using low-intervention approaches that have been associated with healthy outcomes and may increase a woman’s satisfaction with her birth experience.”

What constitutes “low-risk” will vary depending on a laboring woman’s condition and medical circumstances but generally involves a clinical scenario in which a woman presents at term in spontaneous labor and has had an uncomplicated course of prenatal care. For such women in the early stages of labor with reassuring maternal and fetal status, patients and providers may consider delayed hospital admission until approximately five to six centimeters dilated. Also, for women who are progressing normally and do not require internal fetal monitoring, it may not be necessary to rupture the amniotic sac. In the case where a woman at term experiences premature rupture of membranes, patients and providers may consider planning a short period of expectant management before undertaking labor induction if there are no maternal or fetal reasons to expedite delivery.


The recommendations also suggest that women benefit from continuous emotional support and the use of non-pharmacologic methods to manage pain. Support offered by trained labor coaches such as doulas has been associated with improved birth outcomes, including shortened labor and fewer operative deliveries. In addition to considering use of medications or epidural anesthesia to manage pain in labor, practitioners are encouraged to offer women coping techniques, such as massage, water immersion in the first stage of labor, or relaxation techniques. Recognizing that the complete absence and elimination of pain is not what all women value, use of a coping scale rather than pain scale is recommended to evaluate the multifactorial experience of labor.

“Techniques such as an epidural can relieve pain but may not ease anxiety or suffering,” said Tekoa L. King, CNM, MPH, ACNM liaison committee member and lead author. “Providing emotional support and coping mechanisms have proven positive outcomes, therefore, it’s recommended that providers consider instituting policies that allow for the integration of support personnel in the labor experience. This strategy may be beneficial for patients and cost effective for hospitals due to an association with lower cesarean rates. It is important that midwives, ob-gyns and other care providers collaborate to support women both emotionally and physically over the course of labor.”


Other recommendations for low-risk pregnancies include the option of intermittent instead of continuous use of fetal heart rate monitoring when appropriate; frequent labor position changes for increased comfort and optimal positioning of the baby; and encouraging women to use their own preferred pushing technique.

The Committee Opinion, “Approaches to Limit Intervention During Labor and Birth,” #687, will be available in the February 2017 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (The College), a 501(c)(3) organization, is the nation’s leading group of physicians providing health care for women. As a private, voluntary, nonprofit membership organization of more than 58,000 members, The College strongly advocates for quality health care for women, maintains the highest standards of clinical practice and continuing education of its members, promotes patient education, and increases awareness among its members and the public of the changing issues facing women’s health care. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), a 501(c)(6) organization, is its companion organization.



Don’t miss out on your amazing opportunity to attend Doula Training School in Sydney with Julie Clarke





Limited places available for this awesome training.

Important:  Prerequisites are to be a kind, caring compassionate person who

simply wants to help other women in their journey to motherhood,

it is not necessary to be a nurse or a midwife or any other qualification to train as a doula.


This will be unique training that has never been available for Doulas in Australia before.

Doula training will provide you with all the birth support skills to help

your family, friends and clients to have an awesome birth experience.

Trainee Doula’s will be able to instill confidence and empower women to birth in the way they

dream of naturally by providing comfort measures, reassurance, encouragement

and practical support during the process to enable a very positive experience.


FAQ’s about the unique special Doula training:

Where: the tranquil venue at Julie’s lovely home at Sylvania, Sydney 20 mins south of the airport

How: group learning, discussion, self-reflection, take home activities,
self-study, reading, attending births.

Why: because Australian women really do need a lot more Doula’s available

Who: all women of any age over 18, whether they are a mother or not, who are naturally very compassionate, who want to make a very positive difference to women’s experiences throughout their Transition into Parenthood. Excitement, dedication, curiosity, fascination, motivation, and inspiration are all that is required to get started.


Excited? Yes!

Make the decision to do the Doula Course? Yes!

To Book in for the Doula Course simply ring Julie 0401265530 


All about Doula’s



Doulas (also called Childbirth Assistants, Labour Support Professionals, Birth Assistants, or Birth Companions) provide emotional and

physical support during pregnancy, labour, birth and immediate postpartum.

A Doula does not replace a partner. Instead she also helps support

the partner in ways that help enhance the bond between the couple.


Why do I need a doula?

Even if you have a wonderful, caring partner, best friend, midwife/doctor, you will still gain benefits by having your very own Doula.

They will:

  • Provide prenatal visits in your home
  • Bring a birth ball and other tools to make your labour easier
  • Provide massage appropriate to whatever stage of labour
  • Provide relaxation and focusing techniques
  • Suggest positions to help labour progress
  • Suggest positions to ease back labour, aid relaxation, help with pushing, etc Offer you cold/hot packs
  • Bring you drinks, snacks, ice chips
  • Stay by your side so that your partner can take a break when needed
  • Instinctively know when you would like someone to mop your brow with a cool cloth
  • Know when your request for drugs is a way of asking for more physical/emotional support
  • Stay by your head providing encouragement while you are in transition and when the baby is being born
  • Take notes during labour and provide you with a written record of the birth
  • Look after any photography requirements you have –  of you, your partner, your baby, and other members of the birth team before, during and after birth
  • Visit you at home afterwards to review the birth and see your beautiful new baby
  • Help you with breastfeeding

What do doula services include?

  • Get to Know You/Pre-natal visits (usually two) in your home or other comfortable space. On call guarantee 24/7 until baby is born (or similar variation) , with a back-up doula if needed
  • Telephone support during early labour, before you need physical support.  Continuous presence once labour is established, until one or two hours postpartum
  • Labour and birth positioning suggestions for comfort and labour progress.  Massage and other comfort measures.
  • Information on all aspects of labour for you and your partner.  Support of whatever choices you make during labour.  Photographs or videotape of birth, if desired.  Help with initiation of breastfeeding.  One or more postpartum visits, at your convenience.
  • Additional Services may include:
  • Telephone support throughout pregnancy and immediate postpartum
  • Assistance with preparation of a Birth Plan that works
  • Accompany mother to meet with midwife
  • Personalized relaxation tapes for birth
  • Pregnancy photography

activebirthdeliverysuite5How do I find a doula?

Whether you just got pregnant, it’s never too early or too late to hire a doula

Ask your friends and acquaintances – you’d be surprised how many people have now heard of or used a doula, they are becoming popular and mainstream.

Ask your Childbirth and Parenting Educator

Don’t be shy about interviewing as many doulas as you want. You want someone you are comfortable with, and who you feel will work well with you and your partner.


Historically, doulas were women from the neighbourhood who attended births and helped out a friend in need. In the last century when birth became more medicalised, the labouring woman was expected to be alone. Partners have been invited into the labouring rooms only for the past several decades. For centuries, birth was an event where families, and experienced women, supported the natural birthing process. Invest in having a birth where you feel comforted, cared for, safe, informed and supported.