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Pregnant couples attend the popular Transition into Parenthood course from 20 weeks to become ready, prepared and organised for having their beautiful new baby

See quick video below scroll down to view pregnant couples

detailing what they gained from attending both courses

Julie’s sessions are the most comprehensive and best value 1 or 2 day pregnancy courses for couples available in Sydney.

Covering everything you need to know during pregnancy to boost your confidence and enthusiasm about becoming parents.
Julie is amazing at sharing her vast knowledge, quickly, easily inspiring and informing couples to be ready, prepared and organised for potentially the most important and wonderful period of their lives.

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Next  Transition into Parenthood Courses Coming up:

2 x Saturday: 2 and 9 December, 2017

2 x Saturday:  6 and 13 January, 2018

2 x Saturday: 3 and 10 February, 2018

2 x Saturday:  3 and 10 March 2018

Upcoming Super Condensed TiP Course:

1 x Sunday: 12 November, 2017

1 x Sunday: 17 December, 2017

1 x Sunday: 28 January 2018

1 x Sunday:  18 February 2018

Book both Calmbirth® and Transition into Parenthood courses,

receive the discount and save $100



Doula=  A trained qualified birth support person. Julie conducts amazing Doula training for women over 18. You can hire a Doula from Julie and you can also train to become a Doula with Julie. Doula Training Details

pregnancy classes

The Calmbirth® course is a brilliant, powerful, effective, research evidenced based information to empower pregnant couples to have a positive birth experience no matter how the birth unfolds. Aiming for a normal birth read more…   Enrich your pregnancy experience with a Calmbirth® class best to attend from about 25 weeks onwards.  Choose your course dates to coincide with around 25 weeks if possible to give yourself time to reflect and practise.

More information about the Calmbirth course here

Join Julie’s 2-day Calmbirth program either 2 Saturdays or 2 Sundays

Need help choosing dates call Julie 0401265530

Note: if you want to do the Calmbirth Course at the old price of only $495 secure your place in any of the courses listed on this website currently for 2017 or 2018 and Julie will honour your booking at that price of only $495

******All Calmbirth Educators Price Increase in 2018 going up to $550******


Next available: Calmbirth courses:

2 x Saturday:  18 and 25 November 2017

2 x Saturday:  16 and 23 December 2017 (last CB class for the year)

Saturday/Sunday:  20 and 21 January 2018

2 x Saturday:  17 February and 24 February 2018

2 x Sunday:  29 October and 5 November 2017

2 x Sunday:  19 and 26 November 2017

2 x Sunday:  3 and 10 December 2017

2 x Sunday:  7 and 14 January, 2018

2 x Sunday: 4 and 11 February, 2018

2 x Sunday: 25 Feb and 4 March, 2018

(or) more dates for 2017/18

Only just found out about Calmbirth?
it’s okay Julie accepts late bookings up to 40 weeks.
Reduce the risk of any stress, anxiety and self-doubt for now and future.

Prepare for a calm, joyful childbirth, and a comfortable, stress-free birthing experience.
Learn the right breathing techniques, relaxation and imagery with Julie, one of Sydney’s experienced Calmbirth® practitioners, to ensure you & your partner are fully prepared during pregnancy, birth & beyond.

If you ask your OB or midwife about attending the Calmbirth course they will say
“Yes do it! ”
Absolutely highly recommended.

They see the results first hand and recognise the benefits.

Call Julie 0401 265 530 she will warmly welcome your call

transition into parenthood + calmbirth®

The 2 courses are the most popular, highest quality courses, delivered by a very experienced, warm, compassionate educator who genuinely cares about helping each pregnant couple in her courses.

Doing both courses, Transition into Parenthood and Calmbirth® Classes in Sydney by Julie Clarke is the smartest way to prepare for the arrival of your bub.

Book both Calmbirth® and Transition into Parenthood courses, receive the discount and save $100

Aim to commence the courses from about 25 weeks.

Julie conducts all pregnancy classes in her lovely home in Sylvania, a tranquil leafy suburb which is just 20 minutes drive south of the airport near Cronulla.

View the video below for more insights.

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What is a Doula?
A trained kind gentle and compassionate birth support person.
Julie conducts Doula training for women over 18

You can hire a Doula from Julie

 you can also train to become a Doula with Julie and receive 24 months free mentoring

Doula Training Full Details

Doula Training info
Dates for Doula Training are as follows:

no exams – no stress

Call Julie to chat about the best option to suit you 0401 265 530

helping you navigate from pregnancy to parenthood

Overview and introduction of what's covered in the Transition into Parenthood course and Calmbirth course

Please note: Group size shown in above video is unusually large and is normally smaller with only 4 to 6 couples

baby care
support service

For ease and convenience the “In-home Baby Care Support” is a special service Julie provides.

New families with babies under 12 months need help feeding, sleeping and settling in from a friendly, familiar and experienced baby whisperer. Julie knows how to observe the baby for signals and can show you those signals which are unknown to most people, even grandparents and other family members.

Julie guides families gently, easily, simply with a kind, caring attitude and viola the baby is feeding and sleeping better. Julie will provide you with easy to follow informative notes to suit you and your baby towards being relaxed, happier and more content.

Ring Julie for a friendly chat on (02) 9544 6441 or 0401 265 530

Want to come along to the Pram Walking Group for Mums and Bubs with Julie?

Doula training
by Julie Clarke

Become a Doula!

Next Doula Course begins:

Tuesday 6pm 14 Nov 2017 – break for xmas – finish 20 Feb 2018

Come and Join in – places still available

The training is fascinating, insightful, fun, easy, awesome and simple
with no exams, or pressure, no stress, because it’s not necessary when it’s your passion

 Julie’s gentle nature will help, support, nurture, guide, assist you through the whole process towards becoming an awesome Doula quickly and easily.
Julie provides amazing information, notes, the workbook – all for you to keep and take home for future reference while she continues to provide you with 24 month ongoing mentoring help, reasurrance, guidance, answers and support as you
find your feet as a happy Doula

Sydney Doula Training – ready for you

Interstate and local Doulas are here for only 4 days,
then qualified with Certificate

Attend amazing births and support women and their partners
Embark on an amazing adventure by following your passion

Make a real difference to women as they transform from women to mothers.

Next Doula Training  more dates here 

Full Doula info click here

Ring Julie for a friendly chat on (02) 9544 6441 or 0401 265 530

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Book both Calmbirth® and Transition into Parenthood courses,
receive the discount and save $100

Got questions?
Feel free to visit our FAQ’s page for answers to some of our most asked questions
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Next available: Calmbirth courses:

 2 x Saturday:  18 and 25 November 2017

2 x Saturday:  16 and 23 December 2017

2 x Sunday:  29 October and 5 November 2017

2 x Sunday:  19 and 26 November 2017

2 x Sunday:  3 and 10 December 2017

more 2017/18 dates for your choice

preparing expecting parents for birth for over 20 years


Educate and preparing couples to help transition them into parenthood


From start to finish and even after birth, Julie is the most comprehensive


Small boutique sized classes of around 4 to 6 couples per class


Get the most out of each and every class, best value service in Sydney

Every child is a soul blossoming in nature.

Discover how we can nurture and help you and your partner grow Ring Julie 0401 265 530