Transition into Parenthood (Tip) Course

This popular “Pregnancy, Birth and Baby” course covers all the wisdom and practicalities for labour, birth, and newborn baby care

calmbirth course

Calmbirth Course

Provides the knowledge of birth preparation techniques for an easier, more comfortable stress-free birthing experience.

The Most Comprehensive and Best Value Birth and Baby Preparation Courses Available in Sydney

Pregnancy Calmbirth classes in Sydney

Enrich your experience of pregnancy with a
Calmbirth class in beautiful Sylvania, Sydney. Only 20 minutes south of the airport.

Cost: Calmbirth course cost is only $395 per couple all inclusive. Calmbirth book and USB stick included free no extra charge applied.

  • Prepare for a calm and joyful childbirth, and a comfortable stress-free birthing experience.
  • Learn how to respond to the labour with breathing techniques, relaxation, and imagery.
  • Be emotionally prepared with Calmbirth. Julie was recently recognised as one of the most experienced Calmbirth practitioners in Australia.
  • Partner’s gain insights for the emotional and physical support role during pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • Julie’s phone numbers 95446441 and 0401265530

Choice of 2xSaturdays for Calmbirth courses:  2xSat:  21 + 28 May 2016  (or)  2xSat:  18 + 25 June 2016  (or)  2xSat:  16 + 23 July 2016  (or)  2xSat:  30 July + 6 August 2016  (or)  2xSat:  27 August + 3 September 2016

Prefer Sundays for Calmbirth?  2xSun:  15 + 22 May 2016  (or)  2xSun:  5 + 12 June 2016  (or)  2xSun:  26 June + 3 July 2016  (or)  2xSun:  17 + 24 July 2016  (or)  2xSun:  31 July + 7 August 2016  (or)  2xSun:  21 + 28 August 2016  (or)  2xSun:  4 + 11 September 2016

All 2016 courses currently do have availability, but be quick to book when you choose your dates as courses do fill up and are then removed from the website. Limited spaces.

Sydney Antenatal classes

  • Unsure of the essential practicalities of parenthood?
  • What to expect during pregnancy, birth and parenting?
  • Want to feel more ready, prepared and organised for your new baby?
  • Want your partner on the same page, focused, engaged, excited, and really keen for their parenthood role?

Become a more confident, happy family during the newborn period with Julie’s Transition into Parenthood classes in Sydney. These antenatal classes will inform and empower you and your partner for the journey ahead in the most uplifting, rewarding ways. Phone call to Julie 95446441 or 0401265530

There are still some places for TiP 2xSat: 7 and 14 May, 2016 (or) 2xSat: 4 and 11 June, 2016 (or) 2xSat: 2 and 9 July, 2016 (or) 2xSat: 13 and 20 August, 2016 (or) 2xSat: 10 and 17 Sept, 2016

Cost:  Transition Into Parenthood the active birth and baby care preparation class only $395 per couple for the 2xSaturday course (or) $350 per couple for the 1xSunday course.

Prefer a fast 1xSunday TiP super condensed course? Next coming up are: 1xSunday: 29 May, 2016 (or) 1xSunday: 19 June, 2016 (or) 1xSunday: 10 July, 2016 (or) 1xSunday: 14 August, 2016 (or) 1xSunday: 18 September, 2016 (or) 23 October, 2016

All 2016 courses currently do have availability, but be quick to book when you choose your dates as courses do fill up and are then removed from the website. Limited spaces.

Convenient location – Sylvania, Sydney

Julie conducts all of these pregnancy and antenatal classes in her comfortable home and recently refurbished course venue in Sylvania – a tranquil leafy southern suburb of Sydney, just 20 minutes drive south of the airport.

Enjoy group lunches in Julie’s garden with picnic rugs and garden seating.

Free parking is plentiful and very easy at the front of the premises, and there are no steps to climb when you arrive.

Free Gifts: everyone who attends Julie’s courses receives a luxury sample bag full of special treats and awesome goodies free.

Discounts and birth support/doula services are also available when you book both courses.

Have a warm friendly informative chat with Julie   95446441   (or)   0401265530

Transition into Parenthood (TiP) Course

This brilliant active birth and baby class covers all the essential practicalities, “must know” facts and “how to” aspects of labour and parenthood… here are many concepts midwives would love couples to be aware of before coming to the hospital in labour.
The important practical concepts covered include “Active Birth” that is what you do when you don’t lay on your back – ouch – to give birth, but instead enjoy the comfort of the home/hospital facilities for a quicker easier birth.
Active Birth/Water Birth concepts are completely endorsed in the NSW Dept of Health Policy “Towards Normal Birth 2010.”

Julie covers all the latest options in either 2 x Saturdays: The Condensed Course (or) 1 x Sunday: The Super Condensed Course.

Be very careful not to miss out on vital baby care information from Newborn onwards for both mums and partners – this is the course that covers the vital how to look after your baby with minimal stress and maximum fun,  enjoyment and love.

Don’t sell yourself short – be sure to do the combo booking – book into both courses for maximum gain and benefit!

A Comfortable tranquil relaxed atmosphere of generous proportions in the classroom/lounge room

Calmbirth® Class

Provides the knowledge of essential birth preparation techniques such as relaxation, visualisation, breathing, positive imagery, attitudes/expectancy for an easier, more comfortable stress-free birthing experience.

Cost: Calmbirth course cost is only $395 per couple all inclusive. Calmbirth book and USB stick included free no extra charge applied.

Very popular course for pregnant couples regardless of whether aiming for a natural birth or having a c.section.

This course is suitable for everyone whether very familiar with relaxation or a total stress head – it will be a benefit to be able to relax and focus calmly instead of panic – panic doesn’t help labour and birth.

Partner’s love the way this course informs them of their role, helps them feel totally helpful, included, needed, and valued.

Julie loves presenting the Calmbirth course, it’s a pleasure.


Both Courses – save $100

Combo booking of 2 courses is the smartest way to prepare for the arrival of your gorgeous bub.

Book both Calmbirth and/or  Transition into Parenthood and save $100.

Simply register for two events here and the good discount will automatically apply.

Check the list of dates for all the courses, there is plenty to choice for you and your partner.

Need special options?

Call Julie for friendly helpful support now 95446441 and 0401 265 530


Baby Care Support Service

The fantastic in-home baby care support service for Julie’s course attendees, is a special personalised service Julie provides at a small fee.

New families with babies under twelve months, want some help with feeding, sleeping, settling assistance from a friendly, familiar, caring and experienced baby whisperer.

Julie loves babies and helping new families.

Have you already done both courses and used the baby care support service? Brilliant, next Julie will welcome you along to the fun casual supportive mum’s and bubs group: “The Pram Walking Group” who meet for breakfast, fun chat and playtime and pram walk.

All easy going and fun.

Julie’s pram walking group is free for all Julie’s course attendees who have completed the courses and used the baby care support service.

Julie Clarke Birth Educator, Doula and Baby Whisperer

Julie Clarke Birth Educator, Doula and Baby Whisperer